Severní energetická a.s.

Commodity Sales

Sev.en today is a major player in the Czech energy market. It made its appearance in 2013 upon the acquisition of the Chvaletice power station from the ČEZ Group. The plant processes lignite from the ČSA surface mine to generate electricity.

The Sev.en Group operates the lignite-fired Chvaletice power station in the East Bohemian Region which burns lignite from Northern Bohemia. Electricity production in four power station blocks of the power 205 MW makes it possible to offer a combination of standard products covering the base load (24 hours) and peak load (12 hours), featuring a dynamic
output from 100 to 820 MW.

As of July 2014, the Sev.en Group, through Vršanská uhelná as holds a trading license. We trade electricity on the wholesale market, both in the Czech Republic and in EU markets.

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